Cemvita Founder Speaks at Viriditas: Engineering Biology for Space Exploration

Viriditas is a joint effort by the Harvard Systems Biology Department, the Wyss Institute, the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative, and Ginkgo Bioworks.

In her talk, Dr. Tara Karimi presents Cemvita's CO2 Utilization approach that merges chemical engineering and synthetic biology. This would allow for optimizing the CO2 conversion reaction beyond what's possible with either of these methods independently.

Cemvita Factory Inc. is currently commercializing this technology for in-situ bio-manufacturing of food and human life support resources, enabling deep space human exploration and settlement. On earth, this carbon-negative technology enables efficient CO2 Utilization for production of industrial chemicals and polymers.

For more on Virisitas please visit: https://viriditas.space/

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