Next Generation of Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence | Tara Karimi | TEDxRiceU

Simulation of mechanisms of coding, data processing in biological systems at the molecular level provides promising tools for next generation cognitive systems with the capability of real-time response to the environmental signals. In my research, I apply biological coding to define algorithms for solving NP hard problems. In this TED Talk I’ll present the results and provide insights and applications for molecular sensors and implications for next generation of artificial intelligence. Dr. Tara Karimi is a multi-disciplinary scientist who has devoted her academic life to learning biological systems and applying the natural principles to the outside world. Dr. Karimi holds two PhDs in veterinary science and biochemistry and has completed several post doc projects in tissue engineering, genetic engineering, molecular and developmental biology, stem cell research, and regenerative medicine.

Watch the full video here: RiceU TEDx

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