Cemvita Factory Presents at Spacecom

Houston Chronical wrote a nice piece on SpaceCom featuring Cemvita Factory:

Entrepreneurs were also at SpaceCom on Thursday to pitch their solutions for making food on Mars, reducing the number of unused satellites in orbit and helping passengers book private supersonic jets.

"Please join us to make sure that we are not hungry on Mars," Tara Karimi, founder and CEO of Houston-based Cemvita Factory, told the panel of investors, startup experts and NASA's acting chief technologist.

Karimi was among six finalists of the SpaceCom Entrepreneurship Workshop and Competition. Her company focuses on the difficulty of growing plants in microgravity as water doesn't go down into the soil.

Her company is creating a chamber that uses sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to simulate photosynthesis without the plants. The end result is glucose, a base nutrient to replace more traditional food. It could be eaten or delivered to the body through an IV, though those details are still being worked out.

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