In the future that we envision, humans are inspired by nature to create sustainable solutions for their physiological needs and limitations.

Here's what we do.

CEMVITA applies Cognitive Chemistry™ and the relativity of code, energy, and mass to develop technologies that solve big problems.

Technology Porfolio

We are building a portfolio of technology companies based on Cemvita science:
Cemvita Factory

Advanced bio-manufacturing of nutrients and life support resources in space and on earth.

Cemvita Exa

Building a revolutionary data storage media with exa scale capacity.

News and Events

Cemvita Factory Presents at NASA iTech Ignite The Night in Houston

Cemvita Factory's cofounder Moji Karimi presented a solution to human survival and life support for deep space missions. The technolpogy utilizes the insitu CO2 to produce food, nutrients, and pharmaceutics via a process that mimics photosynthesis.

Cemvita Cofounder Connects Biochemistry and Physics to Propose a New Relativity Theory in Springer Book

"Our current understanding of nature’s laws in physics and chemistry is limited to the relativity of energy and mass while missing code as the third dimension of nature. By considering the possibility of information storage in molecules as an additional aspect of nature’s chemical and physical laws, we can provide a clear description for all autonomous properties of biological systems including self-regulation, self-organization, self-regeneration, endogenous intelligence, and cognition."

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