Cemvita Factory Featured on Forbes

Space Tech Startups Are The Key To Making Life On Mars Possible

Cemvita Factory Presents at NASA iTech Ignite The Night in Houston

Cemvita Factory's cofounder Moji Karimi presented a solution to human survival and life support for deep space missions. The technolpogy utilizes the insitu CO2 to produce food, nutrients, and pharmaceutics via a process that mimics photosynthesis.

Cemvita Cofounder Connects Biochemistry and Physics to Propose a New Relativity Theory in Springer Book

"Our current understanding of nature’s laws in physics and chemistry is limited to the relativity of energy and mass while missing code as the third dimension of nature. By considering the possibility of information storage in molecules as an additional aspect of nature’s chemical and physical laws, we can provide a clear description for all autonomous properties of biological systems including self-regulation, self-organization, self-regeneration, endogenous intelligence, and cognition."

Cemvita Factory Wins the MBR Space Settlement Challenge

The fund welcomes exploratory proposals from all areas of research pursuing new concepts, solutions, and business models for living and working in space, the Moon, and on Mars.

Cemvita Factory Presents at the Frontier Conference

The Frontier is a conference about the future leaders of the industrial world. Dr. Karimi presents the vision for Cemvita Factory on the Bio-Manufacturing/Bio-Innovations panel.

Cemvita Factory Presents at Spacecom

Cemvita Factory was selected as one of the six finalists at the SpaceCom Entrepreneurship Workshop and Competition.

In 10 Years, Artificial Intelligence Could Beat Disease

In this interivew Dr. Karimi tells the Cemvita story and her journey from academia to entreprenuership.

Next Generation of Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence | Tara Karimi | TEDxRiceU

Simulation of mechanisms of coding, data processing in biological systems at the molecular level provides promising tools for next generation cognitive systems.