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Nature doesn’t recognize physics as opposed to chemistry, or mathematics, these are classifications we humans defined to make it easier for us to understand the world around and inside us. In nature, everything just happens; in harmony.
At Cemvita® we look at each phenomenon the same way nature creates it, then we try to learn how it works and based on that develop technologies that solve big problems. From programming stem cells to solving NP hard problems. Our technologies have applications in several industries including life sciences, tech, agriculture, energy, aerospace etc.

This is all reflected in our name: C for Code, E for Energy, M for Mass and Vita for life. The Relativity of Code, Energy, and Mass.


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Dr. Tara Karimi has devoted her academic career to studying biological systems and applying the natural principles to create biologically-inspired technology. Dr. Karimi started her research in veterinary medicine, and from there ventured into biochemistry. The introduction to biochemistry was the onset of her journey into multidisciplinary science as she  completed several projects in tissue engineering, genetic engineering, molecular and developmental biology, stem cell research, and regenerative medicine. As part of these endeavors she genetically programmed stem cells to differentiate to insulin producing cells as an alternative method for insulin injection for diabetes patients. She also programmed stem cells to generate pacemaker and purkinjie cells as an alternative for electronic pacemakers for treatment of arrhythmia. 

This broad exposure and passion for the chemistry of living systems allowed her to connect the dots in biology and chemistry to pioneer what she calls cognitive chemistry. She is also the author of the upcoming Springer book titled “Molecular Mechanisms of Autonomy in Biological Systems by the Relativity of Code, Energy, and Mass”. Dr. Karimi received her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine & PhD in Biochemistry from Shiraz University, her Postdoc in Tissue Engineering from University of South Carolina and Postdoc in Stem Cell Programming from Tulane University.

Moji is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur and engineer who helps ideate, develop, and commercialize ground-breaking technologies. He has a proven track record of taking ideas to market, both at big companies and startups. Moji's experiences range from developing advanced deepwater drilling methods to several new biologically inspired technologies with applications in several industries.

In his previous endeavor, Moji joined Biota Technology as the fourth employee of the company to start the Houston office and commercialize DNA Sequencing in the energy industry. In two years he grew Biota's business to multi-million dollars in revenue and played a key role in establishing Subsurface DNA Diagnostics as a common method for reservoir characterization.

Moji holds BS and MS degrees in drilling and petroleum engineering, respectively.

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Bio-what? The Future Is Here With Cemvita’s Biomimicry Tech Programs

Tara Karimi, co-founder and chief executive officer of Cemvita, a company focused on developing biologically-inspired manufacturing solutions, spoke with BioSpace about the company and the amazing things it’s working on to solve problems for human exploration to deep space by in-situ biomanufacturing of human life supplies.

"A few grams of biological media in a tube will replace a million sq-ft data center".

Interview with Moji Karimi, cofounder of CEMVITA, the scientific startup inspired by nature

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