The eCO2

eCO2™ takes waste streams and carbon dioxide  and uses them to produce valuable materials like proteins, plastics, and fuel feedstock, all while remaining cost-effective and green. We work closely with clients to convert their waste streams into new revenue, dedicating our team of expert scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to turn pressing environmental and economical problems into promising opportunities.

The Problem

The Truly Carbon-
Negative Solution
for Renewable

Innovation drives the future forward. But the carbon emissions that currently power our modern world threaten the health of our shared planet and the prosperity of our shared tomorrow. With more and more global enterprises seeking to optimize their processes to reduce their carbon footprints without reducing their profit potential, there’s a profound need for an eco-conscious, economically feasible solution: A transformative technology that converts harmful carbon emissions into valuable products.

The Solution


eCO2 leverages microbes to absorb and convert carbon dioxide into essential molecules needed to build a renewable future. Powered by biotech, these microbes don’t just transform CO2 into something profitable—they completely remove emissions from the equation.

Truly carbon-negative option. Truly climate-positive.

Others stay neutral—we make change. By engineering microbes that feed on existing CO2, we’re producing a solution to climate change that’s economical, accessible, and truly carbon-negative.

No waste.
New revenue streams.

Sustainability means a more prosperous future for our planet, but it also means longevity for business. Our microbes convert waste streams into feedstock for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Versatile production practices. Versatile applications.

eCO2 is flexible and designed to produce reliable results in multiple use cases. With our carbon conversion platform, businesses can innovate their entire operations (from subsurface refineries to factory emissions) and bring their big ideas to scale—for less.

The Process


At Cemvita, we start the process off with a complimentary consultation and end with an actionable plan to help transition businesses to a sustainable, progressive model. Depending on our partners’ unique needs, we equip their businesses with eco-friendly, low-cost products derived from our eCO2 process. Whether a business is looking to repurpose waste, synthesize organic material, or go carbon-negative, we’ll help them reach their goals and prepare for a renewable future—creating new revenue and eliminating emissions, as they do.

The Impact

Engineering a
Cleaner World

It’s not just that our carbon conversion platform works with our customer's waste streams, making it the lowest-cost process of its kind. It’s not just that we’re forging the way with innovations that help our clients profit while simultaneously cleaning up our atmosphere.

eCO2™ is about transforming our future, working together to raise our standards, and sparking the carbon-negative revolution we deserve.

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"At United, we have been consistent in leading the airline industry with bold action when it comes to fighting climate change – that starts with building an ecosystem around companies like Cemvita to create and commercialize new Sustainable Aviation Fuel technologies.”

Michael Leskinen

President, United Airlines Ventures

The Products

eCO2 Solutions

eCO₂ Oil

Turn CO2 into lipids that can be used as renewable oils for biofuel or combined with fatty acids and alcohol to make cosmetics.

eCO₂ Enrich

Turn CO2 into organic fertilizer that recycles carbon and replaces damaging agricultural chemicals with an eco-friendly option.

eCO₂ Energy

Turn CO2 into the building blocks of renewable energy infrastructure with this truly carbon-negative biodiesel alternative.

eCO₂ Alcohols

Turn CO2 into alcohols that can be used in a wide range of applications, from fuel transportation to being repurposed by the cosmetic industry.

eCO₂ Enzyme

Turn CO2 into lower cost, protein-rich feedstock that can be explored to greatly supplement nutritional value in a host of food and beverage applications.

eCO₂ Ignite

Turn CO2 into a renewable solution to our planet’s finite supply of flammable gas, like bio-butane.

eCO₂ Acids

Turn CO2 into a vinegar alternative that can be integrated into volatile fatty acids that can be fermented products and industrial materials.