Extracting Metals
With Endolith.

Natural resources power the world we live in and our hopes for a cleaner, brighter future. By applying principles from engineering, chemistry, and biology, we can harness nature’s existing processes to extract the essential minerals and metals that power our everyday lives and ease the journey to renewable energy. We make biolixiviants tailored to extract target metals from your ore body or waste.

The Problem

Mining for Better,
Using Industrial

From rechargeable lithium batteries and conductive copper to wind-powered turbines and solar panels, the renewable energy industry relies on specific metals to power their progress. As the transition to clean energy becomes more urgent, so does the need for mining practices that have a lower chemical, physical and environmental footprint. Our Endolith™ solutions minimize tailings, use natural chemicals and consume less energy. We harness nature to extract metals in a low impact way.

The Endolith Solution

Starting Small to
Make a World of

A brighter future requires big thinking. But sometimes the seed of the solution is so small that it can’t be seen by the naked eye. By harnessing living microorganisms to bioleach both sulfide and non-sulfide minerals from ore, we can help companies reimagine their current processes and unearth new, cost-effective methods. Working with mining companies on the journey to lower the environmental impact of mining, our technology offers an accessible, lower-impact path to the energy transition.

Our first Endolith solutions are used to extract the Lithium and Copper the world needs for our energy transition.

Microbes that work harder and leave a lighter footprint.

We’ve harnessed the power of microbes using today’s biotech tools to help make mining greener. Cemvita uses biotech tools to capture the world’s smallest workers and create green biochemicals to extract the minerals and metals the worlds need with less waste.

Cost-effective, long-term solutions.

Making the transition into the clean energy sector doesn’t mean losing money. We work with industry leaders to optimize existing mining processes and iterate long-term solutions so that they can discover new revenue streams and a carbon-negative future.

A fix for the future and a process for the past.

Our proprietary extraction technologies extract metals needed for clean, renewable infrastructure—or to remediate and recycle old waste. Whether our partner is planning for the future or rehabilitating old ground, our microbes will manage the next steps.

The Process


In collaboration with our partners, and through a fast-tracked research to commercialization cycle, we design and produce microbially based  lixiviants to extract metals and minerals from all types of resources including low-grade deposits and waste.

The Impact

Engineering a
Cleaner World

From mineral pre-processing, to leaching and extraction, to rehabilitation of legacy mine sites, we offer to tailor our biolixiviants to your mine sites conditions and mineralogy. Our products can unlock new low grade or recalcitrant resources. With every new mining or exploration site, we strategize Endolith solutions that work with the uniqueness of each mineral deposit and extract metals with biolixiviants that have a low ESG footprint. Our first projects are changing the way we extract copper and lithium.

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“We are very pleased to have signed this partnership with Cemvita. We are focused on our responsibility to our shareholders and to the environment, and believe that both of these stakeholders will greatly benefit from the successful implementation of Cemvita’s technology. We aim to be a model for sustainable development, and be the pioneer for Lithium producers to use technology like Cemvita’s."

Paul Lloyd

Managing Director, Arizona Lithium

The Products

Endolith Solutions

Endolith origin

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and nature’s preexisting systems, we’ve developed processes and equipment to grow the microbial biolixiviants and deliver it to your heap, tank, or in-situ extraction processes.

Endolith solutions

We design biolixiviants to extract metals from existing reserves or unlock new resources. With a low carbon and environmental focus, we will continuously optimize the microbial mix to take advantage of new technology or changing minerology through the life of mine.

Endolith components

Like the spores of a mushroom or the yeast in beer, these starter microbes, and nutrient packages are the key components of our biolixiviants. A versatile, DIY  biolixiviant, these Endolith components empower companies to cultivate their own biochemicals.