The Gold Standard
for the Energy

Gold Hydrogen™ is a carbon-neutral fuel source that reshapes the world’s transition away from fossil fuels. Extracted from existing oil and gas sites that would have otherwise been abandoned, Gold Hydrogen makes inexpensive, eco-friendly hydrogen more accessible to refineries, power plants, and everyone seeking to meet their environmental—and financial—goals.

The Problem

Why the World
Needs Gold

At best, depleted oil and gas reservoirs are plugged and left behind, full of unused residual hydrocarbons; at worst, they leak methane and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The environmental and economical tolls of these neglected assets can’t be overstated. But through the application of cutting-edge biotech, we can transform these former liabilities into profitable suppliers of low-carbon hydrogen—empowering us to meet projected energy demands and environmental targets.

The Solution


Gold Hydrogen production turns depleted oil and gas reservoirs into opportunities. Instead of plugging and abandoning end-of-life subsurface reservoirs, we can transform them into clean hydrogen sources, prolonging the life cycle of a job site while creating low-cost fuel alternatives that bring us closer to achieving a carbon-free future.

Zero waste. Zero negative impacts.

The infrastructure for producing Gold Hydrogen already exists—we just need to start the process. Repurposing old fossil fuel reservoirs as sources of clean hydrogen means no waste, no lost jobs, and no additional impact on the landscape or environment.

Innovation with
far-reaching effects.

Our diverse team of scientists and engineers is turning to the natural world to develop new ways of countering climate change. By partnering with innovative companies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in green technology, we’re driving the field—and the whole world—forward.

Ecological meets economical.

Too often, organizations have to choose between the environment and their bottom line. Gold Hydrogen boasts the same low-carbon impact as green hydrogen but with a much lower production cost, allowing you to preserve the planet and your profits.

The Process

Producing Gold

Gold Hydrogen combines natural systems and technological innovation, harnessing biological processes to convert leftover hydrocarbons from subsurface wells into usable hydrogen while capturing and storing CO2. What once would have been wasted becomes a viable, low-cost energy source with a climate-positive impact and countless applications.

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The Impact

Clean, Cost-
Effective Hydrogen

Without a doubt, the oil and gas industry has helped humans progress to where we are today. Now, it’s our turn to bring the industry into a greener future. With thousands of depleted oil wells in the US and more around the world, Gold Hydrogen represents a unique opportunity to work with the oil and gas industry—not against it—to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels and toward a brighter tomorrow.

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“We continue to believe that innovation and collaboration are critical to the future of hydrogen and the accomplishment of private and public carbon emission reduction goals. Cemvita has a unique approach to this, and we are pleased to partner with another application that is likely to utilize Chart hydrogen and cryogenic equipment.”

Jill Evanko

CEO of Chart Industries

The Product

The Gold
Hydrogen Solution

Harnessing the intelligence of natural systems and the power of collaboration, we’re transforming unrecovered oil and depleted assets into biologically produced hydrogen to ease the clean energy transition for our partners and the planet. It’s time to recover the lost value of your reservoirs. It’s time to renew your commitment to a cost-effective, climate-positive future. It’s time to meet Gold Hydrogen.