ChampionX and Cemvita’s GH2 Subsidiary Collaborating to Advance Subsurface Hydrogen Production

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THE WOODLANDS, TX, November 28, 2023 - ChampionX Corporation (NASDAQ: CHX) and Gold H2, Inc. (GH2) announce a strategic collaboration, which commenced on November 9, on field trials of GH2's novel hydrogen production technology.

 GH2, a subsidiary of Houston-based Cemvita Factory Inc., is working to advance the energy transition through its tailored subsurface microbiology solutions that use the power of microorganisms to enable in-situ hydrogen production from depleted or uneconomical oil reservoirs, known as Gold HydrogenTM.  

 ChampionX complements GH2 with a portfolio of services and chemical technologies that optimize and enhance production from oil and gas reservoirs. As a market leader with expertise spanning the oil and gas lifecycle and a footprint in every major producing area, ChampionX is equipped to support GH2 through these exciting field trials.

 The collaboration between GH2 and ChampionX has potential to push the energy transition forward by driving innovation in applied microbiology and oil and gas operations. GH2’s novel technology, complemented with ChampionX’s production expertise, provides a strong foundation for testing this technology.

 About ChampionX

ChampionX Corporation is a global leader in chemistry solutions, artificial lift systems, and highly engineered equipment and technologies that help companies drill for and produce oil and gas safely, efficiently, and sustainably around the world. ChampionX’s expertise, innovative products, and digital technologies provide enhanced oil and gas production, transportation, and real-time emissions monitoring throughout the lifecycle of a well. To learn more about ChampionX, visit our website at

 About Cemvita

Cemvita Factory Inc. is a biotech company on a mission to reimagine heavy industries, such as oil & gas and mining, for the net-zero economy. This is done through the sustainable extraction of natural resources, carbon negative production of chemicals, and closed-loop renewal of waste as feedstock. Visit for more information.

 About GH2

GH2 is a subsidiary of Cemvita dedicated to transforming depleted and uneconomical oil wells into a source of clean hydrogen. This is done by employing oil-consuming microbes toenable the sustainable extraction of hydrogen with a carbon intensity comparable to green hydrogen. To learn more about Gold Hydrogen, visit


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November 28, 2023

ChampionX and Cemvita’s GH2 Subsidiary Collaborating to Advance Subsurface Hydrogen Production

ChampionX Corporation and Gold H2, Inc. announce a strategic collaboration, which commenced on November 9, on field trials of GH2's novel hydrogen production technology.

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