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Bringing Industry Leaders Into the Future with Transformative Solutions

Our sustainable solution-based technology helps big-impact businesses realize their potential for progress and prosperity. Going green should add value, efficiency, and longevity—and we’ve developed all of our innovative products to meet this high bar.

Create new, responsible revenue streams

A sustainable solution should reinforce profit potential—not stall success. Our team of industry experts works alongside your business to find and extract untapped sources of revenue so that you can cut your carbon footprint while you grow your revenue.

Lower costs while raising standards

The future of renewable energy means cost-effective tools for you and reduced impact on the earth. Together, we’ll lower your out-of-pocket costs while increasing revenue and preserving our planet.

Meet your sustainability goals

Overhaul outdated practices in favor of processes that lead to carbon neutrality. You won’t just reach your green goals—you’ll inspire meaningful change in your company, your industry, and the market.

Working as an extension of our partners’ teams, we carve out eco-friendly pathways to safely and seamlessly meet sustainability goals, mitigate costs and maximize gain. Together we can power anything, even a renewed world.

core biomining rendering

Endolith Biomining

Harness the potential of biolixiviants to increase your mine’s production, lower costs and decrease the environmental footprint. We’ve tapped into the dynamic power of natural systems to provide an accessible, green path to cleaner energy production. Join global clients committed to economic and environmental progress and transform your company’s mining process into one that does more good for less.

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rendering of gold h2

Gold H2

Extracted from existing oil and gas sites that would have otherwise been abandoned, Gold Hydrogen combines natural systems and technological innovation to convert leftover hydrocarbons from subsurface wells into usable hydrogen while capturing and storing CO2. With thousands of depleted oil wells around the world, Gold Hydrogen represents a unique opportunity to work with the oil and gas industry—not against it—to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels and toward a brighter tomorrow.

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eco2 biomanufacturing rendering

eCO2 Biomanufacturing

Using proprietary, nature-inspired technology, eCO2 converts waste streams and carbon emissions into valuable materials that can cut costs, add value, and attract discerning consumers. Formulated as a truly low carbon alternative to other biotech processes, eCO2 creates low cost products that address common use cases, empower massive industries, and serve the needs of the planet—and the market.

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